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Friday, 16 October 2015

Welcome to all of the parents


I am Mr Moore your child's class teacher. I have been teaching your child now for the last 6 weeks and I really excited about the potential in the class to come together, work as a team, help each other to improve and walk the learning journey together. 

Over the initial term of the school year, we have revised our knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, explored perimeter and area of objects such as floor plans and treasure islands and next week we are measuring angles for the most exciting super hero on the planet, Angle Man. 

In English, we have written autobiographies, studied famous scientists Galileo and Newton, written their biography and we are currently exploring how to write a good mystery story. 

We have also made a computer game, explored morals and values in the world we live in, started our Volcanoes project and researched the phenomenon about gravity. 

Over the next week, the children will receive details about their exciting half term project linked to Tim Peake and his outer space conquest in November. We also have the school disco on Thursday and 5.3 will be visiting the Ikon gallery in Birmingham on Wednesday afternoon. 

After half term, we have golf and cricket club getting into full mood. The places are limited to year 5 and there are a couple of places left if your child is interested in signing up. We also have parents evening and then comes the most exciting event of them all, Christmas and Mr Claus! (As in Santa rather than Inspector gadget!)

Anyway, I hope to meet all of you at some point in the near future. Please say hi if you see me after school. 

Best wishes, 

Mr Moore

PS: Important announcement - James bond is out on Friday - wahoo!

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